He who cannot obey himself will be commanded. That is the nature of living creatures. – Friedrich Nietzsche

There is more to this illusive existence called life than what unsharpened senses or mind can reveal.

Ruled by unconscious creations and without practical awareness of the present, who we are, and the kind of existence we lead, life stagnates.

Susceptible to deception and distortion of what is true, we remain.

Life is too sacred and indescribably fragile not to consciously evolve, to not know your truth, and not be wise in who you are from higher perspectives.

It’s essential to awake into one’s potential and, of course, be your own master. As opposed to unconsciously drifting about by circumstance in an energetical ocean of ignorance.

The price of ignorance and the suffering it causes is destroying life at its core. And I believe it’s urgent for everyone to desire and strive for the same – to consciously rule themselves and purposefully lead a life that resonates with higher truths.

A Life Ascendant:

is someone who consciously chooses to evolve.

Someone who continuously seeks higher perspectives and wisdom while maintaining an emptied cup.

Life ascendant is conscious exploration and awareness of what is, as it is, and what is not.

Life Ascendant is being present in the currents of experienced realities and acting in unison with an open heart.

Life ascendant is compassion, love, caring for that which is most sacred… the very essence of life—It’s about you.

It’s also about me and it’s most definitely about us

About the author

I reach/channel impeccable truths and help you to impeccably relate to them so you can elevate your frequency, stay on mission, find your purpose in life, and more…

But who am I? Who is the I, the Life Ascendant behind these conscious truths?

I have asked myself this question many times, especially whenever I have felt lost.

The answer that resonates with me currently is that I am:

a wife’s true love,

a mother’s gift,

a father’s learnings,

my children’s example,

a Life Ascendant.

I provide conscious writings to inspire, enlighten, and stimulate personal and spiritual evolution.

I react strongly to love, as much as to the absence of love, which is suffering.

Life ascendant is my way of being in service to those consciously walking their spiritual and energetical path.

I am in service as a Truth Consultant

~ I invite you to consciously be Life Ascendant…

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