Truth is a path–what frequency are you walking?

Discover the energetical impediments keeping you from reaching higher frequencies and higher states of consciousness.

  • Uncover their root cause
  • Learn how to overcome them
  • Evolve consciously

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Dane is a sacred being and he cares for the sacred absolutely. He is devoted to truth – so he goes beyond to share yours. He feels the pulse of the truth within you, and the journey you can take in relating to it is ultimately empowered. You don’t feel saved – you feel seen, and this is forever recorded within. It’s an art, and I felt beautiful being a part of it. ~ Unnamed client

Life is no smooth sailing – it’s not meant to be.

But as complex, as it may be, life was not intended to be difficult either.

You see, the complexities of life are based on simple processes – let us call these processes the flow of life.

When you live life by going with the flow, so to speak, you effortlessly become a happier being.

It’s the law of nature.


things become unnecessarily challenging, and you ultimately lead an unhappy and unfulfilled life when you are not in harmony with the flow.

I call these flow imbalances for energetical blocks or impediments; they come in many different forms and are expressed in all areas of your life.

An example of a common energetical block is when you have all the reasons in the world to feel a certain way – but can’t seem to tap into it.

You can also identify the presence of an energetical impediment/block whenever:

  • any process requires more energy than expected
  • you start losing interest
  • you fail miserably
  • you feel/intuit something is amiss

Traumas, your existing habits, and past life events are some of the sources of energetical blocks and imbalances you may be experiencing.

Needless to say, the energetical cause of any issue is subtle and only manifests externally for you to notice and fix – if not caught earlier.

The solution for your subtle energetical impediments and blocks is to elevate your consciousness and cultivate a higher awareness of your existence.

Until you have reached that point in your personal and conscious evolution:

Life Ascendant, Dane Broderick – is at your service.

I intuit/channel the truth about your energetical impediments.

I then help you to relate, understand, and overcome them so you can elevate your frequency, stay on mission, and find your purpose in life.

The benefits of this service are unlimited.

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