Want vs need

Want vs need

If there is something we suffer too much from, it is a state of want.

The energy of I want is akin to the energy of I wish… there is no attraction, no substance.

Moments spent imaginatively wishing and wanting are frequently only followed by heavy sighs and often automatic self-discouragement.

And when the moment has passed, life continues without any roots of intention nor action sown.

The emotion and energy invested perpetuate the state of wanting, and I wish, which in turn blooms into misery and a sense of failure.

A want is external, while a need is internal.
A need has all the ingredients necessary to flourish and motivate.

Question your wants often and a lot, because they are the symptom of what you need.

The emotion and energy of want sustain the state of wanting and eventually stagnation in life.

When, against all odds, a want has actually been materialized, you will either miss it or realize it’s not what you need.