As a Truth Consultant — I serve the light in you!

Let’s reclaim your flow, your truth, your Dao.


Truth consulting is a service inspired by personal dedicated experience from vipassana meditation and mediumship that has evolved into a channel that is always open to truth.

With the emerald frequency as my ally, we diagnose truth/ untruths, portal calibration through emerald meditation, and breathework, plus align you to truth flow.

As a truth consultant, I serve your truth.

I feel it in my body’s movement, my energetical allignment, and then I am activated by it in a soul communication that then I relay to you for you to comprehend your truth as you feel it.

I consult on a reality and we relate with it together to derive truth.

I am blessed with an observer space as I relate and can give you the codes I impeccably receive thanks to the work I have already invested in myself and my spiritual growth.

I then offer you a sacred space to feel these codes and align.

A very unique “question answer format” where there are no expectations just honesty from my soul to yours.

Let’s engage!