To Not Forget

To Not Forget

I am not as involved with life as I need to be.

I observe and participate but do not necessarily create or contribute to my mission or purpose, consistently.

This is not always the case though—I can tell the times that I am.

The feeling

the connection

the non-existence of time

the overwhelming sensation of love embodying the moment

the creation of an eternal truth.

Why am I not in full concert with life at all times?

why do I feel more incomplete than complete?

why do I feel like every time I progress and reach a higher level, I no longer recognize myself?

Why do I forget myself and my promises?

I forget to see her

I forget to feel her

I forget to receive her

True love

Not seeing, feeling, or receiving her love is devastating to our existence.

A wrecked ship without a captain: lost, stranded, alone.

Easy prey.

Doors open to the uninvited, I purposelessly drift into oblivion.

I have the power to make everything as it should.

Complete. Functioning. Balanced.

But I forget that too.

In her rays, her embrace – I renew my promise.

To not forget.

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