The time I befriended death

The time I befriended death

Life is a series of moments woven together by time shepherding us towards the evolution of what is and of that which could be.

Moments are best experienced when injected with intentional awareness in the present and without the suffering of the future or torments of the past.
Without attempting to diminish the current moment, some moments seem to have grander meaning and potential than others.

The celebration of life and love are good examples, and so are the opportunities of being part of a moment, cementing a joyous occasion in the memories of its participants.

Seeds sown of grand moments on the horizon are no cause or reason to not put your complete and sincerest all into moments of the current.

Expected moments can stimulate and awaken fear of not being able to create intended success, and feelings of uncertainty drain into passivity.

To not fall into the trap of not living a fulfilling and happy life, it is necessary to befriend death.

But know this, death has many shades and many faces, no schedule nor respect for time.

The slogan of death: I reap that which you sow without conscious intention and action.

Ask: Is this what I choose to do at this very moment if it were the last thing I do?

Death will give you an answer, life will offer you another.

The moment this enlightenment struck and became part of my being, even the smallest of actions, or inactions, was preceded by the above question.

Knowing death could pay me a visit at any time, and anywhere, has armed me with a powerful life tool in my quest for a happier and more fulfilling life.

Befriending death changed my life for the better, and I believe it will do the same for you too.

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