The purpose of existence is you

The purpose of existence is you

The purpose of existence is a balance between what you give and what you receive.

The purpose of existence is meaningful relationships without attachment.

Bonds formed from sincerity, an open heart, and mind, free from judgment and without expectations of gain.

The differences make up the whole.

Without darkness, there is no light.

Without wrong, no right.

Without emptiness, no fulfillment.

Without questions, no answers.

Without chaos, no balance.

We are at our very core chaotic beings, birthed from chaos.

We are chaos in harmony.

It is in our nature to seek balance. What often eludes, as we don’t know what is missing, is the how.

Gravitating towards our center, and without closer examination, we assimilate energies not true to our needs to fit into a general balance of the many, off-lifting the responsibilities for one’s own equilibrium onto others; onto circumstances.

Balance within oneself, those around you, nature, and of course, the universe-you.



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