Take a moment to truly see the beauty in all things

Take a moment to truly see the beauty in all things

It’s not a day most would consider beautiful. The sun is unable to display its brilliance, and the sea seems to be busy at work dragging more and more sand from the beach with its increasing reach.

Beauty can be described in many different ways.

One for each time you blink, for every time your eyes shift, when sound waves alter, whenever your point of focus is invited.

With every stroke of nature’s brush, a fountain of beauty to assimilate, a piece of ourselves gained.

I don’t feel like something is missing, yet the question is asked. What am I missing?

This place is not a secret. What it embodies is in plain sight, yet few ever truly see its unfiltered beauty.

The same can be said of all places and of all things, but this spot is truly special.

Everyone doesn’t perceive it the same way. However, one has to be ready to take in its true essence, its magnificence.

Of course, there are no right or wrong ways to appreciate beauty, but when ready, it is wondrously breathtaking.

I am in the usual spot in the sauna close to a partial glass wall peering out over the Mediterranean Sea a mere 30 meters away.

My mind is free and overflowing with thoughts as I immerse in contemplation about the unseen, or more specifically, of what I am not seeing.

There is an abundance of beauty and splendor everywhere one hundred percent of the time for all to appreciate and take in, but I fear too few actually pause a moment to fully do so.

When you take that moment to truly see, you are blessed by a transformative and magnificent beauty that awakens your senses, calms the mind, and soothes the soul.