Something missing. Something found

Something missing. Something found

Something is wrong. Something is missing. What exactly I cannot say, but I can feel the void of its absence, more powerful now than ever.

I have consciously, but unfocused, been searching to find out what it is the latter half of my life.

The best way to describe it is with the simplest of questions.


Why does it feel like I should be doing something important, and why can’t I find out what that is?

I’m not exactly sure of when it began, but now that I’m aware, I’m consciously taking steps toward finding the answers to my life questions.

A journey within with a focus on the journey itself.

Where will it take me, and will I be conscious enough to learn and grow wiser with every passing moment?

Since my journey consciously began, a sense of relief has inhabited my being, indicating I am on my path and that my success is assured.

With due gratitude and respect paid to time simply by valuing its passing, my quest for “why” has transcended into a quest for right actions.