Being present: Same place. Different moment. Different experiences

Being present: Same place. Different moment. Different experiences

The sense of peace, tranquility, and engagement with nature and with myself was replaced with feelings of restlessness, uncertainty, and frankly, that of interference.

This morning started nothing like yesterday.

In other words, I am feeling out of balance, out of harmony with my own energies, and to some extent, out of connection with my surroundings.

Parts of me want to cling to yesterday’s blissful moments.

There are many questions I could be asking to which intriguing and unexpected answers may be found. Unforeseen treads, that when pulled, reveals nuances of possible truths waiting to be discovered.

I could initiate a quest for these truths, along with clarity and reasons why yesterday was perceived to be so much better than today so far has.

The experiences I had yesterday were wondrous and spiritually stimulating. I learned a lot about life, I gained some insights into nature’s truths, and I recognized a part of my place in the more elevated existence of what is.

But this also means today is now, the present, and although on some level it remains, yesterday is in the past. It is no more.

Last night’s sleep was by no means perfect, but neither was it a terrible one. It was a night with a bit of tossing and turning, and I have no memories of dreaming about anything. I would say that last night’s sleep was a normal one.

I remind myself that this moment is my current and only existence and that I am in control of my actions.

I can change anything about my being, how I view myself, and my perspectives on the world outside of me.

I desire oneness with truth, everlasting happiness, and love that conquers all.

All that I choose to accomplish, embody, and become stems from my desire to evolve in all life areas.

I could choose to see today as my actual normal and yesterday as a rarely achieved gift. And simply be grateful, which I am.

I, however, want to see it as an experience of what can be accomplished. And to instead put effort into creating similar or even richer and more profound experiences as I grow.

I am taking this opportunity to further integrate the impermanent nature of existence. I want to gain new and different perspectives of myself, who I am, and contemplate who I want to become, and how to best be of service to humanity and her evolution.

The way I regain my sense of balance is through breathing, meditation, and being connected with my person, my woman, my true love. She is my center, my teacher, and a reflection of divine truth.

Knowing which paths to walk is one of the greatest blessings in life, and I believe I have found my paths.

There are many ways to walk the same path. Paths that will determine your pace, load, and what has been transformed to higher levels.

We might, at times, take a step or two backward. But there is no need to worry, it’s all in the best interest of your development and growth towards a more enlightened existence.