Life is too short to not make promises

Life is too short to not make promises

I leave the old in the past to instead create, nourish, and encourage the necessary new as I move forward on a consciously chosen path towards a more enlightened self.

Every day is brand new and needs to be embraced, treasured, and fully lived.

Every moment is magical, granting opportunities for divine creation and inspires evolution.

Every experience is precious, priceless, and necessary for growth in all dimensions.

Presently, I cannot imagine my life moving forward with the same low level of awareness and lack of commitment to something greater than myself.

I have two primary goals set to be achieved this year. They are meant to be a new foundation for personal happiness and a higher level of love.

Besides my two most meaningful goals for the year, my intention is to live and move at my own conscious inner pace.

I have far too often sacrificed awareness and possibilities of complete experience in exchange for a ‘needed’ tempo that didn’t bring out the full me.

A pace that kept me from learning and living my utmost expression of the life I have been fortunate to be enjoying and a chance to properly experience.

I have never been big on promises, not to myself or to anyone else. New year resolutions were no different.

I always had thoughts of what needed changing and which parts of my life, or current situations, required the most focus short-term, but that was the extent of any kind of new years promise.

It might sound like I have had bad experiences with promises, but that is not the case.

I regard a promise as something of great importance, and that one should die trying to deliver on his or her promises. I didn’t plan on spending so many words on this but doing what one says is something I am passionate about.

Life is too short to make promises you cannot keep.

I promise to lighten my burdens, empty my cup, and free my spirit. I am doing this by shedding all that hinders my personal, professional, and spiritual development. No matter if they conform to me or not.

  • Aspects of me that no longer serve a higher purpose.
  • Limiting beliefs and thought patterns.
  • Toxic and unhelpful attitudes, relationships, and other lower vibration activities and behaviors are a thing of the past.

They no longer adhere to me, my purpose, or my mission in life.

I wake into a new day with a smile and a light heart. I smile because I am aware of what I have consciously left behind. I smile because it is with a higher consciousness that I enter into a new cycle of further growth.

I smile because I have countless possible moments to cultivate self-knowledge, wisdom, and love.

It is with increasing clarity and desire for higher vibrations that I soar forward.

I hope to further learn and to stand proudly whenever I fall, doubt, or when all seems lost.

I know far too well that most things in life cannot be controlled. This awareness has consequently taught me what is actually in my control.

I do control the promises I make, the company I keep, the paths I choose, and the actions I take.

For what am I if not the results of the promises I made and the promises I have kept.