The potential of the perfect day

The potential of the perfect day

Imagine a day where you are born anew every day.

Every morning, ultimately every moment, your slate is clean, absent of all burdens, attachments, and worries.

A newborn tapping into its senses for the very first time…

Everything is wondrous, vibrant, so alive, and filled with godlike potential.

The possibilities. The experiences. The beauty of it all.

What would a life, a day, or just a fleeting moment be like in an imaginary day like this one?

Well, here is the thing… the smallest unit of matter – upon which all the physical world is constructed – comes into existence and disappears in as little as a billionth of a second.

That is another way of saying that the you who just read the few sentences above are no longer the same you finishing this one.

And you are definitely not the same you who went to bed the night before.

The world is new.

You are limitless.

You are a newborn… Be the newborn.