The paranormal journey that changed a boy’s fate

The paranormal journey that changed a boy’s fate

A long-forgotten incident on a tropical island in the Caribbean led a young boy to spend the night sleeping in his grandmother’s room.

It would be a night like no other and one he will never forget.

Because it was that night he had an experience that would forever change his fate.

Of course, there was a possibility that this had always been his path in life.

It was in the darkest hours of the night, somewhere in the realm between sleep and awake, that an uninvited guest mysteriously and quietly appeared at the foot of the bed.

The image of a being with a wary emotionless expression and posture was slowly pacing back and forth.

Arms loosely hanging by his sides and with eyes directed towards the floor, he continued.

No words nor sounds were uttered.

His demeanor did not change.

It was as if the boy and his heavy-breathing grandmother beside him did not exist.

It was a ghost.

The impression was that the ghost, it or himself, did not know where he was and did not care about anything. All indications pointed to it being a lost soul.

The hours passed slowly by and there was little to no sleep to be had.

Not frightened or mentally scarred from his first paranormal experience, the 7-year-old wonderingly recounted what he had witnessed to his grandmother the following morning.

Without a moment of thought, she promptly replied.

~ Yes I know. He comes here almost every night.

~ I don’t know what to do about it and I don’t know what he wants, she added.

The event was never mentioned again and the young boy all but forgot about it.

After all, he had no idea what to think or to further ask, plus the subject was simply shut down.

He did have a vague notion of ghosts and spirits as there were stories told to all kids, but he was of course still unaware of what had actually transpired.

Around the same age, he had a second and more horrific vision involving giant wall-climbing rats with a taste for human flesh – nibbling on the toes and fingertips of a sleeping, unsuspecting young girl.

It happened in the same house and appeared to him as an overlay of the actual physical space,

but it was different.

Imagine peering into the dark with infrared vision, but there were no colors, just different shades, and hues of black… yet still clear and detailed.

For a long time it was believed to be a dream, he wanted it to be a dream. However, he always knew there was something more to it.

But like with his first spiritual experience, he never spoke about it to anyone; not even with his grandmother.

Time is still spent in his adult years wondering exactly what was seen, and why.

Was the house itself haunted or was it something from a different time and or space/ dimension?

These are only a couple of strange events the boy, who is now all grown up, has shared.

He still has similar experiences. They come and go sporadically, but now he feels more capable explore, and maybe controlling them.

His abilities are more developed, and he feels ready to find the answers he seeks.

The above story was shared as an indication of the content and heart of this website, which is spiritually explorative,

within as without.

After all, there is more to life than what meets the eye, and I for one intend to learn more.

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