Want to lead a conscious and fulfilling life – effortlessly?

Do you remember the saying?

– Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


It DOES exist!

There is a subtle energetical reality beyond your field of awareness; affecting your daily life, health, and even your destiny.

No matter if you believe it or not!

When I was 7, I saw a ghost/spirit pacing back and forth at the foot of the bed.

Around the same age, I had a vision of giant rats gnawing at the toes of a sleeping girl.

Now obviously…

there is more to this illusive existence called life than what unsharpened senses or mind can reveal.

I am just going to say it straight –

Unless you are consciously evolving as the spiritual and energetically being that you are;

have practical awareness of the present;

aware of who you are and the kind of existence you lead –

– your life will stagnate!

And when life does stagnate, you are susceptible to deception and distortion of what is true, and there you will remain.

I have personally experienced how sacred and indescribably fragile life is.

To not know your truth and not be wise in who you are from higher perspectives is sentencing yourself to a life of suffering.

“He who cannot obey himself will be commanded. That is the nature of living creatures.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s essential to awake into your potential and, of course, be your own master.

(As opposed to unconsciously drifting about by circumstance in an energetical ocean of ignorance.)

The price of ignorance and the suffering it causes is destroying life at its core.

And I believe everyone must desire and strive for the same:

To consciously rule themselves and purposefully lead a life that resonates with higher truths.

I had no intention to offer spiritual services, ever; I had no reason to and I did not think I was good enough.

That is what I told myself anyway.

In truth, I believed people would not understand, care, or even label me as a weirdo.

But one specific and profound spiritual experience totally changed my perspective.

At first, I planned to share my experience in a video but could not find a way to convey its power and deep meaning.

After all, I do not fully understand it myself.

But I did receive the message, its importance, and its urgency.

And believe me when I say – it’s URGENT.

Instead, and with support from my wife, I decided to put myself out there:

To be of service in a way that would honor the truth I experienced.

The truth I experienced applies to every living being – as individuals and as something whole.

And it is suffering. We are suffering!

I don’t know why I have these gifts or how to fully use and control them.

But I MUST put them to use.

I must go beyond the small number of people I am helping today…

Cosmic guides have implored me to step forward and be me, so I can help you be you!

Unlock your personal power and potential.
Reclaim control over self.

You can lead your best and happiest life when you are energetically balanced and aware of what you want to accomplish.

The help you be happy, I have created the service: Intuitive guidance – to help you purposefully and consciously evolve.

This is done by overcoming the energetical and spiritual impediments blocking your path.

Here is how it works

  1. Share what you need help with.
    You may wonder why difficulties and blocks arise in certain situations. If you have any specific spiritual mission to do, or if you are walking your intended life path.
  2. I impeccably intuit/channel your unique answer.
    The truths I intuit/channel for you are the answers to any relevant questions you ask. The results will be delivered either verbally, in writing, or as a series of simple sketches.
  3. Intuitive guidance: uniquely relate to your truth.
    Once your truths are known, you need to learn how to relate to them from your unique perspectives to understand and integrate their meaning. You can do this by yourself or with my guidance.
  4. Evolve consciously and purposefully.
    Continuously relating with your discovered truths will steadily elevate your frequency, enable a fuller life, and help you consciously evolve.

Complete intuitive process or only steps 1 & 2?

The results of your unique channeled answer need to be decoded, understood, and integrated by you.

You can do this at your own rhythm and frequency or with the help of the complete intuitive process, where I guide you in how to relate to the truths received.

Please note that the work is done by you in both cases.

It is the only way for you to consciously evolve beyond your current level of consciousness and wisdom and achieve your goals.

Unlock your evolution!

Intuitive guidance session – steps 1:  €50

The complete Intuitive guidance process: €250

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