Harmonizing endless depths of creative potential and inspiration

Harmonizing endless depths of creative potential and inspiration

Like the leaves on a branch, I naturally flow with the energies present in each moment.

I am the brush with which the hand of nature so subtle instructs.

Harmonized in endless depths of creative potential and inspiration, we bring forth that which needs to be conceived.

Without plans, thoughts, or must-do’s. Instead, I aim to let the day create its own masterpiece.

Doing otherwise would create unyielding difficulties and resistances of varying degrees.

Continuous interruptions in the natural balance between soul and universe, diverting from the path to limitless potential. Unable to experience harmony and peace.

The universal tides are already set. Going against them fuels our suffering and prolongs the darkness coveting our senses and clouding our minds.

Not knowing or obsessing over what the day might give birth to, I instead listen to my soul and adhere to its rhythm.

Rules and ritual created for any given day have their meaning and purpose. They should be considered only as catalysts, a means to achieve a state of harmony in union with nature within and without.

I made a promise. I created an intention to move at my own inner rhythm.

I have learned that this is the only way I can connect with, and remain in balance with nature, my intuition, and achieve intended objectives.

It is with gratitude that I find myself in mild winds, clear skies, and nourishing sunlight in front of a playful sea.

She hums, skips, and joyfully twirls about. It is as if she is joyfully celebrating a small victory, or maybe a moment of relief to do what she so naturally does, provide.

The gift that awaits those of us who have or are in the process of letting go is nothing short of a miracle.

The miracle of being. The marvel of being in touch and connected to what is, instead of what we believe things to be, is truly a satisfying experience of sensation no words are fit to even attempt to convey.

The importance of seeing with all your sensing becomes apparent and a natural thing to do.

Inner silence blossoms from the seed of conscious awareness, removing filters and judgments, the mental walls we construct to protect ourselves that are unknowingly keeping us from fully experiencing life.

What value can be put on the peace felt when you are in harmony with your true self and in balance with your existence. Even if it only lasts for a brief, fleeting moment.

While in this feeling of serenity, a sureness of what is essential reveals itself. Your mind is at rest. It is your heart that is in communion with everything else.

When this has been realized, you will also notice the gentle smile on your face. It is inevitable. This smile is a direct reflection, a telltale sign of the state of your heart.

The stiffer winds, the lessening momentum of the waves communicating with the shore, the sun closing in on the horizon all remind me of the same thing.

A moment is about to reach its end, giving way to another.

Present moments, when fully realized, are simply enlightening.