Enjoy life – let’s not complicate it

Enjoy life – let’s not complicate it

You are born, you grow, and you learn the ways of survival within your necessary and trusted circles;

life then flows unconsciously by like an unobserved creek in your backyard.

Enjoying life is a conscious choice!

Since birth, I was taught how to survive and which paths I should take for success in life.

But I was never taught the merits of enjoying life.

Instead, life flowed in an automated fashion where shades of success and failure dictated the level of enjoyment I ‘deserved’.

How I have learned to enjoy life

I have discovered that the secret to enjoying life is to live each and every moment to its fullest.

It is one of those simple but hard things to do. 

For me, this means:

  • Be fully present in each moment
  • Actively take in every aspect of the moment
  • Feel and appreciate the beauty of multiple perspectives
  • Realize the blessings of what you are experiencing
  • Be grateful
  • Connect as deeply as you can

And if you ever think – when will the next moment begin? The answer is:

– Now
– Always
– It already has…

Being mindful brings awareness into each moment, hones your perception, and infuses joy deep within one’s self.

Conscious moments nourish compassion, remove the filters of ignorance, and allow us to fully experience the joy of life.