Domesticated zombies

Domesticated zombies

With head and eyes below the horizon, he stepped on a subway train in rush hour Stockholm like he has many mornings before.

Yet this morning was far from the usual.

As he entered the packed subway cart and instinctively raised his head taking a slow three-sixty panoramic view, he found himself completely surrounded by zombies.

He froze stiffly in his tracks. Paralyzed by the realization, but for some reason did not panic.

– What the hell is going on!? He thought loudly and quickly hushed himself as if someone, or rather something, could have heard him.

He felt alone and out of place.

It was as if he had just been disconnected from the matrix and suddenly found himself surrounded by slouched energy-drained bodies, engulfing nothingness through their vacant eyes.

Lifeless remnants of what once were people, avoiding eye contact as if it were punishable by death, or something far worse.

Can’t tell exactly from where, but partially masking the monotonous thumping and noise coming from the train, he hears music.

It’s coming from two, maybe, or three headsets, creating an even scarier mood to an already ominous scene.

If he makes a sound or accidentally makes eye contact, will they attack?

Wearing a red sports jacket and nicely fitted jeans, a short-haired blond woman standing no more than a meter to his left was in clear violation of the scene being described.

– Like me, she is awake! He thought to himself with an unsuppressed surprised look on his face.

He imagines walking over to her…

– Hi! You and I are the only ones here who are actually alive…