Conscious writings

Here you will find conscious writings of insights, wisdom, and truths to help and encourage your inner expansion, awareness, and consciousness. Links below ⤵

The potential of the perfect day

Be selfish and know you are loved anyway

The middle way demands courage and blind perseverance

That very moment

Enjoy life – let’s not complicate it

Undefine me

Reluctant to alter, or cast away

What is, and what isn’t

The meaning of life is…

Now: The only reality

Wet and gray: A short poem

The world tree: The tree of your spirit and soul

Be the energy that is. Be you!

Change your energy: Change your fate

The purpose of existence is you

Robot upbringing: Giving robots the right to kill

The known unknown

It is with these two words…

Want vs need

A perspective on life

Something missing. Something found

Answers Seeking Questions

Coulda, woulda, shoulda

Take a moment to truly see the beauty in all things

As a cycle ends. As a cycle begins

About time