Answers Seeking Questions

Answers Seeking Questions

For answers to be found, questions have to be born. Carefully conceived questions are simple, yet not easy.

One can tell from the results the answers revealed.

For the past three days, I’ve been trying to pose a question in a way that would produce a clear answer to the truth I seek.

Having yet to receive one, much less a clear one, proved to be a tough task.

For the answer I seek, something I’ll know once answered, other “smaller” questions first needs to be answered.

Questions such as:

  • Is my main question the right one to ask?
  • Is it meant to myself or for someone else?
  • Is its meaning what I believe it to be, or something else entirely?
  • What is my next step in getting closer to an answer?
  • Do I know enough or are new skills or knowledge required?
  • How important are these answers to me, and why?

Like a familiar face without a name or a place, the question lingers at the border of consciousness subtly reminding of its presence and that it may persist until satiated with a correct enough answer, one that inevitably gives birth to more of its kind.

Only an opened mind, heart, and spirit will intuit the way. How much so will determine the time it will take.

Not to give idleness too many breaths, active work has to lead the way.

Questions of inner nature are of demanding mental exercises, exerting energy enough to halt one’s sense of time and harness impeccability in a process and wisdom.