The thing about time

The thing about time

Could man one day himself conquer time, and in doing so save the universe from the inevitable?

That which came into existence at one point will also cease to exist at another. Not even our universe can escape the birth-death cycle.
The hunt for eternal life has been around since we became thinking beings.

Back then we sought relics, and mystical brews that the users believed would grant him immortality.

No doubt humans will be able to extend their lifespan significantly, maybe near that of immortality. And Immortality is still something for science fiction, and science fiction is one of the names of god.

Today we are searching on a genetic level and have come a long way in our understanding in the last 30 years. Some say that within the next 20-30 years the cure for cellular decay will be found.

Can you imagine a world in the early stages after attaining immortality?

What would that look like and who would have access to this technology?

There’s to be some sort of selection, who would qualify, would you?

Being interested in all things, particularly when it comes to time, gravity, and human potential, I now embark on a journey in pursuit of knowledge and understanding of all things.

To accomplish that, I need time. Being economical with time is, therefore, a must.

Controlling how I age to live as long as humanly possible, is another must. Ultimately gaining immortality is my greatest goal.

With the universe being 13.798 billion years old, or young, it must have left clues around for those looking to find them. One just has to know what to look for.

No easy task, so let’s begin.

I will see you where there is no time

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