Want to consciously evolve?

Do you consciously and purposefully want to lead a fulfilling life but need a helping hand with the spiritual and energetical side of things?

Then you are in the right place.

Dane impeccably encapsulated my reality using the words that gave them the sacred aspect that immediately empowered me. I could see myself.

~ Unnamed client

Life Ascendant is about discovering and overcoming the energetical issues blocking you from advancing spiritually… and in life.

All so you can take your next step towards higher frequencies and a more conscious and aware you.

Life Ascendant exists because life is too precious not to consciously evolve.

The purpose is to lend an intuitively guided hand on your odyssey to higher consciousness.

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In this sacred space, you will also find insights, perspectives, and experiences from my conscious spiritual odyssey distilled into:

Short impactful & enlightening writings.

It is what I am exploring – or have explored – and have integrated as perspectives to further my conscious and spiritual evolution.

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The impeccable timeline

Tweet-sized impeccable truths.

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The records

My journey of conscious evolution–spiritually and in life: real-time experiences, struggles, thoughts, insights, and learnings from my daily life.

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Greetings, Dane Broderick here.

I intuit/channel impeccable truths and help you impeccably relate to them so you can elevate your frequency, stay on mission, and find your purpose in life.

But who am I really? Who is the I, the life ascendant behind these conscious writings?

I have asked myself this question many times, especially whenever I have felt lost.

The answer that resonates with me currently is that I am:

a wife’s true love,

a mother’s gift,

a father’s learnings,

my children’s example,

Life Ascendant.

I provide conscious writings to inspire, enlighten, and stimulate personal and spiritual evolution.

I react strongly to love, as much as to the absence of love, which is suffering.

Life ascendant is my way of being in service to those consciously walking their spiritual and energetical path.

The more you read the content found on this website, the more you will naturally learn about me.

Thank you for your time,
Dane Broderick

P.S. Never surrender the sacred!