A perspective on life

A perspective on life

The question, “Who am I?” has been a long-standing companion that has kept me contemplating my reason for being and how I fit in the larger picture of the realities I perceive.

My approach to understanding myself has moved from a meditative nature to an experiential one where I primarily observe the cause and effect of my thoughts, actions, and inactions.

The sensations I experienced allowed me to perceive my realities distinctly separate from the flow of daily life while also intricately intertwined with them.

The exercise of frequently asking who I am has me continuously discovering what is and sometimes how I am changing. All things change, including who we are as beings and subsequently how we approach life.

In this way, I have come to experience the elusive nature of the above question. It’s elusive because what we refer to as I or self, is like a flowing river, ever-changing.

As a result, each day provides an answer befitting the present day and not for the previous or the following.

This I fundamentally understand, but the speed at which these changes take place within me is a new discovery and I believe this has to do with my levels of vibration.

There is so much more than life in the context of existence and of what is. One perspective I am understanding is that life is an anchor in the third dimension of reality.

Looking at life this way gives not only a sense of structure but also a means to discover and or define a purpose – a practical corporeal purpose and not necessarily a spiritual one, and structure in terms of navigating and understanding subtler realities.

What this all means and how to practically apply this new insight into my daily life is something I need to figure out and put into daily practice.

One thing that is certain is that I am in desperate need to master this so-called life anchoring, or rooting myself in life may be a better way of putting it.

Perspectives of life are like the evolution of life itself – ever-changing.

What is your current perspective on life?